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Iaido is the martial art of drawing the katana (Japanese sword). The katana was not only considered to be the ultimate weapon of the Samurai but it was also believed that a Samurai's spirit was contained within their sword. The practice is made up of kata a choreographed movement to a particular attack by another swordsman. The focus is on the precise movement of a draw, cut, blade-cleaning and sheathing all with a fluid motion.

Nishio Sensei developed a new form of Iaido called Aikido Toho Iai which illuminates the deep relationship between the katana (Japanese sword) and techniques in Aikido. Aiki Toho Iai continues to evolve in the hands of Nishio’s successor, Koji Yoshida, who continues to focus on this methods which is thoroughly rooted in the traditional use of the katana. For example, Nishio’s sword work is otonashi or silent, meaning the contact between blades minimal and movements are done in the gaps of the opponents attack.